Friends of Lago Vista Golf Courses (FLVGC) was a concept generated by then City Councilman, Darrel Hunt, in October of 2010 to support community involvement in the Lago Vista golf courses. An initial group of volunteers was formed to establish the organization. State and federal documentation was initiated in January of 2011 with approval as a 501(c)(3) limited liability corporation (LLC) established in November of 2011. The organization is managed by a Governing Committee composed of elected officers and volunteer organization and individual representatives. FLVGC is a public LLC and is not legally affiliated with the City of Lago Vista. The organization participates in numerous local groups and is a member of the Jonestown-Lago Vista Chamber of Commerce.

FLVGC generates funds through an annual golf tournament and individual sponsorships. To date, four golf tournaments have been held and over 100 generous sponsorships have resulted in total available net funds of over $30,000 since the LLC was formed. The organization has expended over $26,000 to date on projects on both courses. For example, ball washer replacement, clubhouse TV's, electronic bulletin board, WIFI installation, facility painting, furniture, clocks, public address system, clubhouse deck, etc. have been supported over the years. A complete list of projects is available at the "Projects" website area.

FLVGC continues to be a force for improvement. After several years of effort, the City of Lago Vista (in March of 2015) established a Golf Courses Advisory Committee to formally address and advise the City Council on matters of golf course management and operations. FLVGC fully supported this effort and looks forward to a positive relationship with the Committee and City Council members.

We fully encourage support from the Lago Vista community and willingly solicit new projects for FLVGC accomplishment. FLVGC is here to help.